TACmv2 Instructional Videos

1 TACmv2 Intro

This Video is an introduction to the new model version 2 TACm Cool Room and Freezer Room Control. TACm has been designed, manufactured and supplied to Australian refrigeration companies since 1987.

2 Outputs of the TACmv2

This video explains the outputs available on the TACmv2.

3 TACmv2 Under the Cover

Lets look at the internal control board of the TACmv2: locaiton of terminal strips and other items.

4 TACMv2 Documentation and Stickers

ACMv2 comes complete with printed manuals, stickers and reference cards in English.

5 Alarm Acknowledge

The Alarm Acknowledge function interrupts alarm outputs for a programmable time.

6 TACmv2 Alarm Function

TACmv2 has a fully functional alarm system with many options.

7 TACmv2

TACmv2 uses a high precision thermistor for superior temperature control.

8 TACmv2 Distress Alarm

The distress alarm can trigger immediately and operates all TACmv2 alarm ouptuts.

9 Door Alarm Function on TACm2

The door alarm has a delay function and can also interup the evaporator fan for user comfort in the cold room.

10 TACMv2 panel mount option

A new panel mount option is available for TACMv2.

11 TACMv2 Manual Defrost

How to initiate and terminate defrosts manually.

12 Defrost Termination Sensor

TACMv2 has an optional defrost termination sensor and here we describe its operation during defrost.

13 Regular programming of TACmv2 via the

How to "UN"lock TACmv2 menu for programming of the vital settings ( such as temperature set point, differential, alarms and defrost).

14 How to enter advanced programming - the AA1 Menu items

How to access and the meaning of the AA1 advanced menu options, its not rocket science!

15 Setting the Clock in AA2 menu

How to access and change time and date settings in the TACmv2.

16 Memory Stick Slot

Locating and using the USB memory stick in TACmv2.

17 Memory Stick Programming

Programming TACmv2 using the USB memory stick.

18 Thanks for Watching

We hope you enjoyed our education series of Videos!