pressconPresscon Network is designed to offer owners and maintenance personnel of refrigeration equipment total management of their plant ensuring the safe, reliable and economic operation. With Presscon Network’s fully automatic functions, you can have confidence that installed plant is running at optimum efficiency.

Presscon Network is a total refrigeration and air conditioning system solution. It offers control, monitoring and alarm systems ranging from small self contained units through to large sites where multiple compressors and cool rooms require complex control strategies. Presscon Network is totally flexible and using modules is infinitely expandable to meet the largest sites, whilst due to its modular design is cost effective for small sites.

Presscon Network modules are interconnected via a network employing LONWORKS technology, ensuring current and future compatibility.

Presscon Network provides solutions to all the commonly encountered refrigeration and air conditioning control strategies; pressure or temperature control of compressors and condensers, multi channel temperature control and defrost control including electric and hot gas systems, HCFC and cascade ammonia system control, comprehensivealarmdata logging and event recording and printing. All the above is combined with remote access via our Windows based program Pressnet software which offers internet access. HACCP Australia endorsed for food safety programs

Presscon System Components

Presscon Network is comprised of controller modules which combine to form the size and functions required, the controllers share a common hardware platform (display controller) which is set to the desired operation via DIP switches. The controller types available include:

Multi Rack Control

Each multi rack can control 4 suction discharge groups and includes control strategies for up to 8 compressors / unloaders using capacity or stages, speed control of satellite compressors. Each discharge group can have up to 8 fans staged by sequence rotation or fixed sequence. Multi Rack also includes numerous inputs and functions for safety and fault input. Multi Rack also includes Power monitoring ( 4 channels), Refrigerant Leak Detection (6 Channels) and Humidity Control (2 Channels).

System Control

System Control 20 refrigeration system controller, each system can have up to 10 temperature points, alarm, control and electric or off cycle defrost. The system control also includes 8 auxiliary alarm channels for rack monitoring etc. System control includes defrost termination, alarm and control shutdown, plus date stamped alarm event recording. System control also includes specific functions for Wine Tank control.

DDC Control

Full HVAC control – refer to Phasefale HVAC Product Range for full details. The time based scheduling functions of Presscon DDC are ideal in supermarket applications for the control of lighting and other equipment. Specifications

Case Control

Phasefale offer a case control system for refrigerated cabinets and rooms, each units can control 2 channels via either electronic liquid solenoid, electronic suction regulation or on/off solenoid. The main board includes provision for 11 inputs which can be a combination of temperature sensors and digital inputs, plus dual stepper controls for stepping valve control. Output expansion boards include 4 outputs each for a total of 8 outputs. Specifications

Additional Components

Sensor Cards 8 and 32 Channel cards for input signals from pressure transducers, temperature sensors, resistance, humidity, switching and voltage. Specifications

Relay Card 8 channels, each output 240VAC, 5A.

Power Supply 12V 5A power supply for Presscon including power filtering and surge protection.

Pressnet. Connects Presscon to Modems (for remote access), PC (for on site monitoring) and Printers (for alarm event printing. Each card includes a single RS232 serial channel. Specifications

Temperature Sensors Precision temperature sensors of 0.1°C accuracy, these thermistor based elements have gained a reputation for their accuracy and reliability. Specifications

Pressure Transducers High quality, stainless steel units with 1% accuracy with a proven track record in the extreme environment of high vibration as seen on refrigeration racks. Specifications

Power Monitoring transducer. Class 0.5 precision unit for monitoring power in unbalanced 3 phase systems. Specifications

Gas Leak Detection of all popular Refrigerants is available to generate alarms when leaks are detected.

Humidity control and monitoring via the Multi Rack controller.