• New feature packed model for 2013
  • Real time clock battery backed up – ensures accurate defrosts and alarm
  • Alarm buzzer on board
  • Decimal precision readout 3 digits
  • USB connection for data logging and upload/download of program settings.
  • Unique Straight or Tilt mounting enclosure.
  • Silicon keypad for easy use
  • New model retains the same programming as the earlier model.
  • Digital display and setting of temperature to 0.1C.
  • Precision temperature control with cooling and heating mode.
  • Door Alarm and monitor function
  • Fan off control function links with door alarm ( time limited)
  • Economy mode operation.
  • Compressor anti-short cycle timer.
  • Comprehensive defrost control.
  • “Time To” and “Time From” Defrost display
  • Complete alarm functions with 3 outputs
  • Hourly logging of temperatures with 99 hour memory
  • Self Test function, checks installation
  • Computer output option
  • Easy programming, permanent memory
  • Strong splash proof enclosure
  • Sensor (included) with 6m lead can be extended to 100m
  • HACCP Australia endorsed for food safety programs

The TACmv2 is ideally suited to controlling cool rooms and freezer rooms although it has now found applications in many different areas such as computer rooms, Elevator Motor Lift Rooms, fish breeding and holding tanks and various other process control and monitoring situations. It is now recognised as the “Industry Leader” for this type of control and is exclusively specified by most of the fast food restaurant chains and convenience supermarkets in Australia.

Where more powerful control and logging functions are required, check out JouleTemp or JouleAlarm.