MP15P – Three Phase Motor Protector

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MP15 Three phase motor protection simulation (Adobe Flash Player)


2013 sees the introduction of the exciting MP15P model which includes diagnostic memory functions, pluggable terminals, internal replaceable fuse and much more!


Three phase motors can fail due to electrical supply problems including loss of phase, low supply voltage, intermittent supply or damaged control contacts. All too commonly the loss of a phase is beyond your control and occurs at a critical time. The consequence is a burnt out motor which at least requires re-winding, but the cost of a failure can be much more;
Cost to remove & re-install the motor for repair.
Possible loss of stock and profits.
Loss of management time.

Typical Applications of MP15

The MP15’s are suitable for all sizes of three phase motors and therefore has many applications. Follow this link to
view a block schematic and typical applications.

The MP15 protects motors from all the above and is fully automatic in operation. Evolved since 1971, the MP15 employs advanced microprocessor technology, and is built with surface mount technology for improved reliability. With these advanced features it is compact and economical can be used on individual motors from 1Hp and above on 415-450V AC 50-60Hz.

Single Phase Protection

All model MP15P, MP15 & MP15D models include the option to convert to
Single Phase operation by looping terminals 1,2 &3.

Operationally the MP15 signals system status with the single multi coloured LED:

  • green ( running OK)
  • amber ( previous memory fault)
  • red ( fault-motor not running).

The MP15P also includes timing functions which can eliminate additional circuitry in refrigeration applications and further improve the economics of motor protection.

Model Range

MP15P New Model- DIN Mount, Memory
function, pluggable terminals
MP15 Three Phase, Octal Based, Fault memory, Adjustable start delay
MP15D Three Phase, DIN mount, Fault memory, Adjustable start delay