• Support for R11,R12, R21,R22, R123,R125, R134,R401,R402,R404,R407,R410,R502,R717
  • Requires RAMiv/4 expansion board for Sensor power supply
  • 1-4 Gas Sensors with expansion board
  • On/off Fan/Exhaust Control function ( pre-alarm)
  • Alarm with High setting and time delay
  • 0-99 minutes Reading in ppm from 0 to 9 thousand
  • Programmable alarm and control limits
  • Sensors can be mounted up to 300 metres from control ( using shielded cable)
  • Tuning Calibration function
  • Self Test function, checks installation.
  • Strong splash proof enclosure.
  • Sensors sold separately, popular types in stock
  • Unique Straight or Tilt mounting enclosure.
  • Silicon keypad for easy use

The RAMiv is a compact unit ideally suited to alarm and monitoring up to 4 points and will find application in many different areas such as non ventilated areas requiring gas leak detection, supermarkets, car parks, rooms, Elevator Motor Lift Rooms, fish breeding, Wine Room, Archival storage, mortuary, pathology fridges, holding tanks and various other process control and monitoring situations.